CÀSÀ is committed to revolutionize the hospitality, servicing and culinary industries locally and regionally. We aspire to become the most sought after culinary center in the region by developing and sustaining a reputation for creativity, diversity and superior education.


CÀSÀ is a private culinary art center that seeks to provide world class training and education to its students, facilitating their entry to industry leading organizations. Our world class facilities, tailored quality programs and organizational values ensure students receive a perfect culinary journey.

Our core values:

At CÀSÀ, our core values are guiding principles to help us make decisions and determine priorities in our day-to-day work.


We are committed to our dreams and continuously working to overcome any hurdles.


We work together to meet the   needs of our community and to help CÀSÀ grow

Good Citizenship

We take initiative to support the growth of the community and improve the quality of life.


We are tirelessly working on discovering new ideas and putting no limits on our creativity.


We have a sense of duty towards delivering on our promises


We aim for excellence by reflecting on our practices and quality of  work and promote positive environment for our graduates and employees