Dear prospective Students,

For some, food a mundane feature of everyday life, for others, food is an art – a true passion. If you identify with the latter perception and you think the culinary arts is an endless canvas for innovation and creativity, and you feel the culinary arts is your calling, then CÀSÀ is the place for you. Here at CÀSÀ, you will be exposed to an immersive learning journey and will be guided to establish robust industry connections and networks which will help entrench you in this highly competitive industry.
CÀSÀ Center will develop chefs who are both creative, innovative and equipped with the skills they need to compete in a globalized environment. My goal is to see chefs showcasing the very best of Azerbaijan culture and heritage as they promote their local produce and flavors in the international arena. I look forward to welcoming you on this exciting journey at CÀSÀ!


Your Life in Food Begins Here

My vision behind CÀSÀ is to provide local Azerbaijani talent with the opportunity to develop fine culinary skills that will not only help meet the growing demand for skilled/trained local chefs but also to elevate Azerbaijan cuisine to a whole new level and pin it on the global culinary arts map. We aim to give our students the chance to achieve the highest level of academic excellence in culinary education through a hands-on approach, so they are well-prepared to work wherever their Career takes them. I am confident that through their journey at CÀSÀ they will be able to excel in the F&B and hospitality industries whether through personal entrepreneurship or top-tier employment.

The experience at CÀSÀ, will also help students gain insights into top industry trends and needs, such as sustainability, food wastage and integration of innovative solutions into the industry. Our aim is to nurture the Students’ creativity and imagination while they widen and develop their culinary knowledge and Hone the essential cooking skills under the expert guidance of international chefs in state-of-the-art Kitchen facilities. The Academy’s comprehensive training prepares students for their future in the culinary arts world and provides employers with competent individuals who add value and achieve a competitive advantage.

Kelvin Chong
"Founder & Director, CÀSÀ"