CÀSÀ Effective partnerships are based on mutual trust and respect, and shared responsibility to enhance of the companies awareness and reputation.
CÀSÀ has developed mutually beneficial partnership programs for:
  •  Companies who share the commitment to developing the hospitality, catering and craft sectors, the same passion for exceptional products and the same values of outstanding expertise.
  • An artisan, a producer, a designer, a manufacturer, an SME or a major group working in the culinary field in the broadest sense of the term (ingredients, table arts, culinary utensils and equipment, professional clothing, etc.)
  •  Companies who market a service that can facilitate our students’ daily lives and help them with their formalities on a personal or professional level (banking products, insurance, accommodation, accounting services or legal advice)?
  • International or Local Vocational Education organizations who wants to promote education excellence, cross—cultural understanding and experience sharing

Benefits of Partnership for Industry companies

  • Culinary world generates positive endorsement: aspiration, environment, healthy nutrition, leisure, fashion
  • Strong partnership network (CÀSÀ is a part of Pasha Holding Company, that owns with more than 20 luxury restaurants ( ) as well as more than 10 five-star hotels ( ) in Azerbaijan)
  • PR & Marketing opportunity
  • Strong media interest and wide coverage in Press and Social media
  • Strong innovation in Azerbaijan with very high quality level of service and facilities
  • CÀSÀ concept is very long waited and exciting, its students and clients can influence the opinion of others in Azerbaijan
  • Recruitment solutions
    • Credible labour pool for the industry partners
    • Priority of getting the talent
    • Access to a great recruiting source, get potential candidates, and better qualified candidates
  • Opportunity to build Company loyalty and career loyalty among young professionals via internship program
  • CÀSÀ Association Membership (see the CÀSÀ membership benefits)
CÀSÀ has entered into partnership with many leading companies, education centres, suppliers and manufacturer to help provide the highest quality industry Standard trainings and expose student chefs to latest technology and operation trends.  

Become a partner

Thank you for your interest in becoming a CÀSÀ center partner.

If you want to be considered as future opportunities for partnership, please send a brief information about your company to email: or fill online request form.