The Hillside Vineyards are located in the Sari Gamish Valley of the Samukh region, on the slopes of the hill. The coolness provided by the shade of the hill protects the grapes from any excessive heat from the sun, thus prolonging the ripening time of the grapes and allowing them to better preserve their acidity and freshness.

Only the best bunches are selected, and all the grapes are harvested by hand. They are processed and fermented in stainless steel bunkers at controlled temperatures. After the fermentation process, the wine is poured into 225-liter barrels made of French and Caucasian oak, where the white wine is stored for 3 months and red wine for at least 12 months. The complex biochemical and physicochemical processes that take place during storage allow the wine to mature and age. The wines do not contain biologically active or genetically modified additives. The Hillside brand currently produces 14 types of wine. Eight of these are red, three are white, two are pink and one is pomegranate juice.