CÀSÀ welcomes the opportunity to work internationally with a variety of institutions – whether it's being an exchange partner, articulation/feeder college or offering one or more of CÀSÀ awards outside of Azerbaijan.

Articulation Arrangement (Inbound and Outbound)

Educational institutions that seek credit articulation arrangements approved with CÀSÀ may do so by lodging an application dor articulation arrangement.

Enquiries for institutions interested to explore articulating their courses and students into a CÀSÀ’s course (inbound) or for institutions interested to accept students articulating from CÀSÀ (outbound) into their university course should be directed to (email address).


Educational institutions planning to establish international student exchange arrangements with CÀSÀ may do so by contacting the Global Mobility Office at info@casa.az

Benefits of Partnership for Vocational Education Organizations

  • Strong partnership network (CÀSÀ is a part of Pasha Holding Company, that owns with more than 20 luxury restaurants (saffron.az ) as well as more than 10 five-star hotels (www.absheronhotelgroup.com ) in Azerbaijan)
  • Enhanced relationships and trust between those involved in partnership
  • Partnership is an effective method of achieving resource sharing and allow education institution developing efficient teaching programs
  • Achieved professionalism by establishing formal educational training and raising industry service standards as well as enhancing its competitive competence.
  • Mutual learning mechanism to remain efficient and provide up-to-date teaching , learning and understanding of the ‘other’ experience
  • Foster and promote a collaborative learning culture between professional practice and academics that is mutually beneficial to both parties.
  • Internship opportunity for students       
  • Improvement in:
    • Student engagement
    • Student experience
    • Student satisfaction
    • Graduate employability
    • Student retention
  • Altruistic Social Responsibility.
    • Give a positively impact the community, share trends with school or students and accredit for institutions.
    • Mutual beneficial relationship that shares resources and expresses their altruistic social responsibility.

Student Recruitment Agent

Educational institutions or agents interested in becoming a student recruitment agent to CÀSÀ, please write to info@casa.az

How to become a partner

We'd be delighted to receive a partnership request form from you. If you would like to discuss a proposal with us for consideration, please send a brief information about your company to email: info@casa.az.

Once our senior management team has considered your enquiry or proposal, we will be in touch to discuss next steps.