Food Safety Kitchen Audit

CÀSÀ auditors regularly assess the food safety and food hygiene risk levels in our customers’ establishments through completing a kitchen audit. A common question we come across from customers is which areas of food safety actually get addressed during one of these kitchen audits. They want to ensure that when the inspection takes place, their kitchen audit results don’t show up any areas of concern.

Our expert team have created robust auditing methods that align with food safety and food hygiene regulations of Azerbaijan.

Through carrying out a kitchen audit they will spot any areas of legal non-compliance instantly. Internal protocols and policies too, are integrated into any kitchen audit we complete for our customers. So, a kitchen audit is simply that: a great way to prepare your management team for an unexpected audits. At the end of each kitchen audit your staff will know exactly what is addressed during an Food Safety inspection. They will also know where they’re at in terms of kitchen hygiene and food safety levels, as well as be given the tools to iron out any areas of concern prior to receiving their permanent food hygiene level certificate.

The CÀSÀ Food safety kitchen Audits are designed to evaluate:
  • Hygiene
  • Sanitation
  • Food safety
  • Design
  • Facilities
Our Food Safety kitchen audits are performed for clients in the hotel, food courts, gaming, restaurant, and catering industries, and are tailor made to the unique needs of each client.

Why do a kitchen audit?

If we were to complete a kitchen audit in your establishment, what compliance score would you expect to find? With an all year round emphasis on food safety and hygiene you can be more confident that your venues are protected in a legal sense and that your customers are kept safe at all times.

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