Mystery Shopper Service

CÀSÀ Culinary Center offers Mystery Shopper service offers feedback through your customer's experience and it's the only way to find out how good your service really is. Our Mystery Shopping services are tailored to F&B business industry, and we help you discover which measures need to be taken to improve your service.

What do customers say about you? Do your employees go above and beyond your customer's expectations? Do you offer the right and tasty dishes? How do you fare compared with competitors?  This is just a part of the information we uncover, but we offer much, much more. Our company has our own experts with the huge professional experience as a Chefs of International and National cuisines, and Guest Relations and FB managers, who assess their satisfaction as customers, the service they are given, the taste of the food and other essential aspects of your business.

You can determine the criteria and aspects that we will consider when implementing the Mistery Shopper service in your restaurant.

Mystery Shopping reveals the truth in all its facets about your customer's experience-this is powerful information for your organization.
For more information or enquire of service, please submit Online service request form or contact our Support team: +99450 250 76 32