Train the Trainer

A Certified Trainer will teach the material of any program to a person within your organization for that person to train individuals at your organization.

Knowledgeable and confident company leadership is essential to maintaining successful trainings among all staff members. CÀSÀ Center introduces effective training strategies through the Train-the-Trainer seminar.

The seminar is specially crafted to instruct training managers on effectively disseminate the information and train other employees.

A certified trainer will teach the material of the Company’s program and also share training techniques so the students may then become the trainers when they return to their organization. With effective training, all employees will learn by example and follow uniform guides to handle any situation that arises. Your organization and employees at every level will be oriented towards customer satisfaction, thereby increasing customer loyalty and strengthening your customer base.

The training session and materials may accommodate as many participants as you need, and can be conducted in several languages.

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