Financial Aid

Our aim is to provide opportunities for any Azerbaijanis with a passion for cooking and a desire to working the culinary industry and we do not want financial difficulties to stand in the way.

Sponsorship offers the opportunity for an aspiring chef to have his studies paid for by a company.

Students who secure a Sponsorship Package are sure of employment with their Sponsoring Company at the end of their studies. They will sign a contract with their Sponsoring Company and will be required to work with that company for a minimum of 2 years after graduation.

Sponsorship contracts are agreed on an individual basis.

Scholarship programs

General scholarship

Culinary scholarships are similar to other scholarships, in that they award funds to good all-around students or students who show particular promise in the culinary arts. CÀSÀ Center offer scholarships for students seeking to advance their educational careers in the culinary and pastry arts fields.

The scholarships for culinary students may be full or partial and based on certain criteria like student’s talents or income and may be awarded within specific sub-categories. For example, a scholarship for culinary students majoring in pastry, desserts, wine, or sustainable practices might have specific enrollment requirements.

Once you’re clear on your food service dreams, applying for very specific scholarships is a great way to fund your commitment.

Brand scholarship

Restaurant, Hotel associations and other professional industry organizations offer local and regionally based brand scholarships.

Brand scholarships are a great way of giving back to community.

When sponsor a scholarship, the company are helping deserving students, who otherwise may not be able to afford higher education and reach their potential. This places them in a position where they can in turn contribute meaningfully to society.

How to apply for scholarship & sponsorship program

If you are interested to apply for scholarship program please send the request to email

Scholarship review boards look over hundreds of applications during the course of each scholarship’s lifetime. Pay attention to detailed requests for information, when filling out your scholarship application, and be truthful with your personal statements. If you can, have your application assessed by a professional scholarship / grant writing service. If unable to contract for a review of this nature, ask teachers, counsellors and other educational professionals to look at your application, before you submit it.